20 Oct 2021

Aspire Academy, through the Football Performance and Science department, brought together fitness coaches and performance analysts from all QSL clubs to present upgrades to the Qatar Performance Model system built and developed by Aspire Academy. This meeting of the like-minded with a common goal which ultimate aim is to enhance the performance of Qatari players ahead of FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022, took place at Aspire Academy Football Performance Center.


Aspire Academy Director of Football Performance and Science, Professor Valter Di Salvo presented to the fitness coaches and performance analysts an overview on Qatar Football Performance project and an update for software development to the Qatar Performance Model system was first put together in 2010. The meeting also looked at developing the players starting from their time as student-athletes at Aspire Academy until they reach the first teams and the senior level.


Speaking after the meeting, Prof Valter Di Salvo said, “The meeting with the fitness coaches and performance analysts of all QSL Clubs, held in Aspire Football Performance Center, represented an important moment to deliver new software updates that will support once more the activities of the Clubs. The Aspire Football Performance & Science department since 2010 is working constantly to build a Qatar Performance Model along the three main football stakeholders (Aspire Academy, QSL and QFA). The support provided on technology, innovation and high professionals enables to develop a unique data management system integrating the information on assessment, training and match of the QSL and National Teams. The meeting was the floor to strengthen the collaboration between these three organizations and highlight the importance of the Clubs’ role in order to enhance the players performance towards Qatar 2022” .


Among the attendees was our former Qatar national team and Al Gharafa SC player, Bilal Mohammed, who spoke about the importance of this workshop, saying, "I benefited a lot from this workshop, and its important to develop Qatari players and help coaches with the best available information using advanced technology. From a former player’s point of view l think providing the coaches with this kind of information is an important component of Qatari player development”


QSL Director of Football Development, Miguel Heitor commented, “this meeting is important and coming on at the early stage of the season whereby there are some changes in staff from previous season especially fitness coaches and performance analysts. Getting these key staff to understand the importance of the project helps towards meeting the desired goal of enhanced player performance.  This meeting emphasizes the cooperation between Qatar football family which is QSL, QFA and Aspire Academy all working together for the best results. The clubs should be close to this family unit because we are all here to support the clubs, and when all work together the result will surely be better.”


Aspire Academy conducts assessment tests for all players from QSL clubs 3 times during the year aimed at gathering data and information used to improve their development and performance. The process includes assessments that run from the beginning of the session until the end and comparing the results with those from big teams in the world in terms of top performance. Aspire offers a lot of development programs that help coaches and performance analysts to analysis their players performance and help them to develop their teams and all these tools considered and rank among the best tools in the world. 

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