About Aspire Academy

Aspire Academy has set itself the ambitious target to be, by 2020, recognized as the world’s leading sports academy in the development of youth athletes.

In doing so, the organization has three guiding principles which represent who we are and who we aspire to be:

We measure ourselves on international sporting success, and in particular, the composition and competitiveness that graduate players bring to Qatar’s senior national football team as it progresses towards host representation at FIFA World Cup 2022; and performance of Aspire Academy graduate athletes in international competitions such as 2018 Asian Games, 2019 IAAF World Championships and Tokyo 2020 culminating in their contribution to Qatar achieving its targeted medal rankings.

We contribute world’s leading methodology to the youth development sector in Football, Athletics, Fencing, Squash and Table Tennis. Each of these programs demonstrate their own unrivaled capabilities in addition to the general environment of holistic development, care and well-being that emanates from Aspire Academy’s School, Boarding and Guidance services.

We are proudly a global citizen in the high performance sector and from Qatar’s very small talent pool we exert an unparalleled positive influence within our extensive global network of peer academies, partners and the sector in general.