18 Sep 2022

Aspire Academy hosted its annual induction evening for the parents of all its student-athletes on Tuesday evening.

The meeting, at the start of the 2022-23 academic year, emphasised the importance of the academy working with the parents to ensure their sons develop both on the sports field and in the classroom.

It was the first meeting which parents of all student-athletes at the academy could attend since 2019 after the disruption cause by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

With Arabic teacher Mr Ali Ayoub acting as master of ceremonies the first to address the parents was Deputy Director Mr Ali Salem, who spoke after Grade 7 student-athlete Abdalla Elsawi read from the Quran.

After Mr Salem’s speech Football Department Technical Director Edorta Murua, Head of Team Coordinators in the Sports Department Mr. Mohamed Al -Thawadi, Director of the Sports Medicine Centre Dr Francisco Moreira and Aspire Academy School Principal Mr Jassem Al Jaber were welcomed to the stage.

The four speakers each outlined how their department and team of experts will contribute to the development of the student-athletes during their time at the academy.

All four were also very keen to point out that working with the parents is a key part of the academy’s success and is vital to ensure the student-athletes get the very best from their time at Aspire.

In his welcoming comments Mr Salem also pointed out what an exceptional time the academy and Qatar as a nation has ahead.

“It is a real honour that we are hosting the Fifa World Cup here in Qatar and we are proud of the part we are playing in the event,” he said.

“I must also underline that it will not impede our sports training or our academic lessons. We have plans and alternatives to ensure things continue as normally as possible while Aspire Academy helps host teams.”

“The co-operation between parents and Aspire Academy at all times is key to the success of our student-athletes – your children.

Mr Murua explained that the lessons learned during training have an impact away from the football pitch too.

“Education here is about how the school and sport can work together to help create a player’s personality,” he said.

“We are not only about football skills we also help decision making and showing how small details can have an impact.

A short video from the department showed the parents that their sons are expected to ask questions and be part of their own development.

Mr Al Thawadi told the parents about the many experts involved in the everyday life of the student-athletes from coaches to physiology to nutrition to psychology.

“One of the most important things though is our relationship with you the parents,” he said.

“We will liaise with you about their training camps for example and we are here to answer your questions.”

“I would also like to ask you the parents to help us with making sure your sons get rest – when your sons come home that rest and recovery time is as vital as the hard work they do here at the academy.”

On behalf of the Sports Medicine Department Dr Moreira pointed out that his team and the coaches do their very best to avoid injuries but they are part and parcel of elite training.

He added they work closely with the Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital and so when they do occur they can be treated to the very highest standards

School principal Mr Al Jaber further emphasised the teamwork needed throughout the academy to ensure the best learning environment for the student-athletes.

He also said as well as working with the parents throughout the year some of them will be playing a huge role in the academy retaining its accreditation with the Council for International Schools (CIS).

“We have another visit from CIS in February 2023 to make sure we are maintaining the standards needed to be accredited by them,” he explained.

“One of the most important aspects of that visit will be meetings with some of the parents and we will be reaching out and asking for your help in this matter in the near future.”

After the remarks from the directors the parents were invited to ask questions and one posed by several of them was about their sons’ academic educations while they are away from the school competing or training.

All of the directors assured everyone at the meeting that this was a priority and that several measures are in place to ensure the student-athlete’s do not all behind academically.

More details were offered about how the boys do continue lessons both online and in person even when they are away from the academy and also how there is help for them when they return to help make sure they are up to date.

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