Education Programme

School Vision

To be recognized as a pioneer in Student-Athletes’ education within the local and international communities.

School Mission

To develop the Student-Athletes’ academic potential and well-being, in collaboration with community partners, through implementing an educational framework which depends on a tailored curriculum that accommodates various learning preferences and sporting commitments whilst developing internationally-minded leaders.

Aspire Academy uses a range of architecturally-acclaimed educational facilities to deliver sports-focused instruction and world-class educational curricula that galvanize its student-athletes. Aspire Academy’s outstanding faculty then delivers courses in stimulating classrooms, state-of-the-art science and IT labs, and engaging meeting and activity rooms. The student cafeteria, health clinic and mosque further demonstrate the unparalleled experience Aspire Academy offers student-athletes.

Through its far-reaching programmes, Aspire Academy equips student-athletes with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need to assume future roles of responsibility in all walks of life. They are taught within a learning environment based on Arabic and Islamic culture, heritage and values but at the same time develop respect and tolerance for other cultures and ideas.

Aspire Academy offers bilingual methods of instruction to its student-athletes. Arabic-natives learn English, mathematics and science are taught in the English language, while international non-Arabic speakers are taught Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, Leadership and Sport Culture. Since September 2011, the Academy began to offer its student-athletes French and Spanish courses. Student-athletes are also encouraged to become involved in service to the local and wider global community and to develop an informed awareness of national and international issues.

When the student-athletes travel, they continue their studies with a virtual learning environment called Blackboard, offering exchanges with other international schools. For example, Aspire Academy student-athletes have had the opportunity to form pen pal friends with students from abroad, to discuss sport and culture-related issues.

Aspire Academy’s student-athletes also get a chance to interact with visiting sports teams and key sporting figures from all over the world as they stay, train and compete at Aspire Academy world-class facilities. This is the same when they travel for competitions.