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Considering enrolment in any of our programs, planning to join our healthy lifestyle courses, or curious about our wide-ranging role in the Qatari society? The following will provide you with information to help you get started.

For any futher enquiries, please contact us.

What Job opportunities exist at Aspire Academy?
For information regarding current job vacancies and the application process please visit the careers section of this website​
Where can I get information on the weekly games?
The list of matches, including timings and venues, are regularly published on the Home Page.​
Is Aspire Academy a Sports Club only?
While Aspire Academy is primarily a sports academy for talented Grade 7 to Grade 12 student-athletes, it does run a community lifestyle and activity membership program that is open to the general public. These are ASPIRE ACTIVE and Multi Skills Development Centers
What are the Aspire Academy’s admission requirements?
The process for acceptance into Aspire Academy is based on sporting ability which is assessed through our Talent Identification Program (TID)​
Are there any tuition fees paid by student-athletes?
There are no fees for students.​
Does Aspire Academy offer transportation for students?
Yes, the Aspire Academy provides transportation for all students from all over the parts of the country.​
Which students’ age range does Aspire Academy accept?
The Aspire Academy accepts student-athletes from Grade 7 to Grade 12.​​
Which academic stages are found in the Academy?
There are two stages in the Academy: the preparatory and secondary stages.​​​
Which curriculum are taught in the Academy?
Aspire Academy has adopted a comprehensive concept of curriculum that, more than relying on books and courses, features a set of principles and standards of realism. More information on the curriculum is located in the Academics section of this website.​​​
Do international students join Aspire Academy?
A primary objective of Aspire Academy’s is to identify players and athletes to attract and develop for individual and national sporting team success for the State of Qatar. Within selection policy guidelines there is restricted opportunity for highly talented international student-athletes to be accepted to the Academy due to their ability to contribute to a positive sports development environment.​
What courses/internships are being offered?
The Academics section of this website provides full details on the standard of education provided at Aspire Academy.​​
Can I view your facilities before joining Aspire Active Programs?
Aspire Academy hosts weekly induction tours - mornings and evenings - both in the Ladies Club and Aspire Dome.

  • Ladies Club – Tuesday, 9-10 am and 5-6 pm
  • Aspire Dome – Tuesday, 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Non-members are able to purchase access to single classes so as to try out ASPIRE ACTIVE’s class offerings.
How and when can I join ASPIRE ACTIVE and what documentation do I need to provide?
Full membership details are available under the ASPIRE ACTIVE section of this website.​
Are there places available for me to register today in Aspire Active?
Places are limited in each membership program area: Men’s Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Teenagers, Children & Babies, Pre & Post Natal and Health/Weight Management Program. Regular announcements are posted to the ASPIRE ACTIVE section of this website regarding the availability of places.​
How can I hire venues at the Aspire Academy or the Aspire Park?
The Aspire Dome, our indoor sporting fields, and Aspire Park are part of the Aspire Zone Foundation precinct. Management of bookings for their use can be made via Aspire Logistics.​

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