Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning (S&C) is globally recognized as important to physical development of athletes in all forms of sport. While it is often perceived as ‘lifting weights’ and ‘running laps’, S&C encompasses the entire development of the athlete.

This differentiation is even more necessary when dealing with adolescent athletes.

The Aspire Academy S&C unit is charged with servicing all Aspire Academy student-athletes and administering the four gym facilities and equipment they use. The major aim of S&C delivery at Aspire is: to develop - through a six year process of Long Term Athlete Development - 18-19 year-old athletes who can repeatedly produce and tolerate the required mechanical and physiological loads of their sport throughout a season.

In order to achieve this aim S&C coaches prescribe and implement training in accordance with the coach’s annual training plan that draws on an intentionally proportioned mix of basic movement development, injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Aspire Academy has designed a curriculum to meet the general development and specific physical needs of its student athletes. Progression within this curriculum is guided by individual assessment of the developmental level of the athlete and the combined findings of the Sports Science and Sport Medicine department.

The S&C coach has three key roles to play in carrying out the unit’s core business:

Prescribing and implementing innovative training to meet specific goals within the common framework of the unit’s long term athlete development guidelines.


Developing, implementing, analyzing and reporting the movement screening and neuromuscular performance testing carried out within the unit.

Refers to the operational processes put in place to build the bridge between health and performance enhancement and between coaching and science in an applied manner through the service team model.


Malcolm Geluk

Head of Strength & Conditioning

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