Aspire Academy Sports Science program provides international level support to our coaches and student-athletes. The section administers an astonishing number of over 17,000 tests and testing sessions annually. It operates world-class applied sports science laboratories specializing in biomechanics, physiology, hematology and biochemistry and utilizes world-class sports science equipment. Specifically, the program:

  • Provides sports science support with laboratory and field-based testing to monitor and provide feedback on long-term and short-term changes in fitness qualities.

  • Provides anthropometrical measurements to assess growth, maturation and body composition changes of student-athletes in the short- and long-term.

  • Identifies and quantifies the physical, psychological, physiological and biomechanical characteristics that contribute to performance in each sport.

  • Provides different types of performance assessments in competitions and matches as well as in training environments, i.e. video and GPS-based match and competition analysis, video feedback, lactate measurements, speed measurements with timing gates and Laveg laser measurement system.

  • Provides expert assistance and advice to Aspire Academy student-athletes and coaches in order to improve sporting performance, e.g. acute and chronic training adaptations, adaptation to a variety of training and competition environments and sports psychology sessions.

  • Carries out specific applied research and develops new and innovative methods for performance enhancement and training.

  • Provides sports science support in training camps and competitions abroad.

Disciplines currently operating within Sports Science are:

  • Talent Identification

  • Biomechanics & Performance Analysis

  • Biochemistry

  • Physiology

  • Sport Psychology

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Health & Medical Services (Including Physiotherapy & Nutrition)

  • Research & Quality Assurance

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