The Performance Analysis unit of the Football Performance & Science department is responsible for the following activity:

  1. Facilitate live training video feedback to the coaching staff and video feedbacks of the gestures to the individual player in order to adjust instantly the technique during the performance activity on the pitch, the gym and the swimming pool in order to enhance the gains and reduce the injury risks.

  2. Provide post training video feedback to the S&C coaches and video analysis of the activity to the physiologists to ensure that the activity developed match the qualitative goals planned.

  3. Deliver test video feedback as a qualitative support to be matched with the objective data from the performance assessment in order to have a comprehensive evaluation of the players for the coaching staff.

  4. Select and edit motivational audio/visual material of the motivational audio/visual support accordingly with the training/competition phases and with the coaching staff requests.

  5. Provide match performance analysis to the coaching staff and to the physiologist reports on the physical performance during the matches played by Aspire Academy football teams. Offer an analysis of the performance level of the individual player and team during both the single match and the trend of development of the generation.

The Performance Analysis aims to help the physical performance enhancement throughout an integrated objective visual based support to the subjective evaluation and a qualitative approach towards the analysis of the quantitative data.

The activity of the department is crucial to ensure the right match between the programmed activity and the executed one during games, training and assessment for teams and individual football players.

Thanks to the work of the performance analysts the coaching staff has the chance to constantly stimulate the football players with ad hoc audio/visual messages in order to try to unleash the full potential of each one of them.

Main Systems utilized:

Aspire Academy has three Prozone 3 full installations on its training pitches to monitor the players during matches, with potential for a third system to be installed in the Dome indoor pitch. These systems allow full physical and technical data to be recorded for both Aspire teams and the opponent, allowing benchmarking against top academies from around the world.

Sportscode is a market leader in providing analysis software. Aspire Academy currently utilizes a number of licences in order to provide video and notational feedback to coaches and players both during training and games and post-event. This can be tailored to suit individual and team requirements and is fully customizable to provide specific feedback based on coach and player requirements.

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