Health Monitoring

Aspire Academy Health & Medical Services staff members are part of the Aspetar National Sport Medicine Program (NSMP). They are responsible for the delivery of medical care to Aspire Academy student-athletes on a daily basis. Most of these athletes are in the maturation and growth phase of their development.

To support healthy long term growth and development, the unit uses a unique database from screening analysis and injury recording systems to build comprehensive individual and collective prevention programs. Cross-discipline collaboration within the Sports Science department with physiologists, psychologists and biomechanics give a great opportunity to develop a holistic approach of the athletes. In addition, particular attention is paid on medical clearance through regular compulsory medical examinations.

Proximity with athletes allows medical staff to implement educational programs to emphasize healthy lifestyle, including the subjects of hygiene, anti-doping and nutrition education. Aspire Academy Health & Medical Services also benefits from the close relationship and expertise with ASPETAR (Qatar Sports and Orthopedic Hospital) for radiological, surgical and podiatry support.

Our main focus is:

Daily Medical Care

Nurses and sport doctors run a walk-in clinic to provide daily medical care for students where focus is put on health education. All students benefit from an individual electronic medical file which allows a long term vision and review of their medical history and conditions. A complete onsite pharmacy is at their disposal to manage the main illnesses. A surgical area is also present within the clinic to manage dressings and minor surgery.

External referrals are organized with medical specialist such as dental, dermatology, optical. All medical actions follow the WADA recommendations and code; ‘Therapeutic Use Exception and Declaration of Use’ are sent to concerned WADA organizations.

Sport Related Injuries

All sport related injuries are reviewed by sport physician and physiotherapy units. Access to additional investigations: radiology, surgical advices, podiatry are available at ASPETAR.

Yearly screening (Pre-Participation Screening)

All Aspire student-athletes must get an annual full medical clearance based on:

  • Medical History (personal and family)
  • 12 leads rest ECG (every year)
  • Cardiac Ultrasound (15 years and older - every 5 years or depending on the medical case)
  • Stress test, Holter ECG and cardiac MRI if required
  • Blood testing
  • Vision and Dental check up
  • Medical Assessment (cardio-vascular, pulmonary, abdominal, musculo-skeletal)
  • Foot print analysis

Education sessions are carried out in collaboration with Aspire Academy on healthy lifestyle and special needs such as infection epidemic management, first aid workshop.


Dr. Antonio Tramullas

Director of Aspire Health Center

Dr. Amanda Johnson

Head of Physiotherapy

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