Training Environment


Our players and teams have access to one of the most modern training centers in the world, including seven outdoor football pitches plus the sophisticated facilities of the Aspire Dome. The Dome is credited as the world's largest indoor multi-purpose dome, offering the highest quality facilities for multiple sports and international events. The facilities also include a FIFA certified indoor football pitch with 5,500 seats, high performance laboratories, well-equipped gyms and physiotherapy and recovery areas.



Due to Aspire Academy’s strong focus on individualized training programs at, the skills development tool "Footbonaut" was incorporated in the Academy’s training process in 2014. Before Aspire brought this ‘football robot’ to Qatar it has only been used by leading European football clubs, predominantly for individual improvement both technically and tactically or helping players to find their strength back after being injured.

In the “Footbonaut” players are put to the test in intensive sessions lasting around ten minutes: the balls are ejected at various heights from a distance of just seven metres and at speeds of up to 120km/h, and the pace of each delivery can be set, as well as whether the ball has spin on it.

The Footbonaut is tailormade for Aspire Academy for several reasons: first, the Academy’s football students are at just the right learning age, making the device especially effective. Second, data are collected during every training session and subsequently used to create a profile for each player, enabling the coach to target and work on specific weaknesses.

Aspire Academy Football Director Roberto Olabe stresses the potential of this innovative device. “Players have to work on themselves continually if they hope to improve. In football, first contact with the ball is everything. And this tool allows players to work on exactly that,” he says. "And the Footbonaut gives you the chance to compete against somebody. And that is always an extra motivation."

Football Performance Gym

In addition to the state-of-the-art facilities at the Dome and the Academy, the student-athletes have the opportunity to use the specific Football Performance Gym since January 2014. This facility is based on a modern concept of integrated functional training. The application of modern audio-visual technology is used to motivate the players to perform at their highest level. The philosophy of the new structure and its location between football pitches also allows better integration of gym and field related training components.

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