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Aspire, Qatar’s visionary Sports Academy is a unique learning environment comprising of the largest indoor sports dome in the world, a comprehensive sports education program and unprecedented facilities of international caliber.

As an elite sports institute dedicated to developing young athletes to their full potential our facilities rise above standard expectations to offer the very best for the purpose of comprehensive sports training.

They encompass the whole spectrum including sports specific training, physiology, biomechanics, physiotherapy, nutrition, boarding and sports psychology.

Every aspect of the institution has been designed to meet the highest international standards in terms of its facilities, equipment, teachers, coaches, staff and student-athletes. The following is a glance at the facilities and services available at Aspire Academy:

  • The Aspire Dome has the capacity to host 13 different sporting events simultaneously in a climate controlled arena providing student-athletes with unmatched opportunities to train in their main sporting discipline, while also benefiting from easy access to world class facilities for other sports. In addition to a full sized indoor football pitch. Aspire also has seven well-maintained outdoor football pitches.

  • Sports Science facilities and labs throughout the Academy.

  • A state-of-the-art school teaching environment features lecture halls, classrooms, science laboratories, a library, an amphitheater, dormitories, a medical centre as well as numerous recreational facilities.

  • The Academy has grown out of the desert landscape and now stands proud as a must-see destination for visitors of Qatar. Aspire lives to help athletes – elite and recreational – push their boundaries and reach their maximum potential within its state of the art facilities and dynamic sports program.

The Academy has grown out of the desert landscape and now stands proud as a must-see destination for visitors of Qatar. Aspire aims to turn hopefuls into winners with its state of the art facilities and dynamic sports program.

Aspire Dome

Home to Aspire Academy’s training requirements, the Aspire Dome is co-located with Aspire’s teaching, dormitory and health facilities.

Aspire Dome is offering world-class venues as the ideal preparatory environment for Aspire student-athletes. It has the capacity to host thirteen different sporting events simultaneously, in a climate controlled arena and is credited as the world’s largest indoor multi-purpose dome.

The range of facilities available within Aspire Dome include:

  • IAAF Accredited Indoor Official Track with 200 Meters Running Track / Pole Vault / Long Jump / High Jump / Shot-put cage including 3,650 spectator’s seats, 240 VIP Seats and VIP lounge
  • FIFA Approved Indoor Football Pitch with 5,800 spectators seats, 230 VIP seats and 2 VIP
  • Olympic 50 Meters Swimming Pool and Olympic Diving Pool with 252 spectators seats
  • Volleyball Hall with 1,200 spectator’s seats
  • Table Tennis Hall set-up for 9 tables with 150 spectator’s seats
  • Multi Sports Hall for Basketball / Volleyball / Handball / Futsal with 1,200 spectator seats
  • Multi Sports Hall for Handball / Basketball / Futsal with 410 spectator seats
  • Fencing / Gymnastics Hall with 6 fencing strips and Mini Gymnastics area
  • Squash Courts including 7 ASB squash courts, 1 Central Glass court and warm-up area
  • Gymnasiums including Power Gym, Strength & Conditioning Gym, Cardio Gym, Staff Gym & Spa
  • Sports Science Labs including Biochemistry Lab, Altitude Lab, Physiology Lab, Biomechanics Lab and Anthropometry Lab
  • Sports Psychology Labs including Champions Psychology Lab 1 /2 /3 & 4
  • Offices including meeting and conference rooms and VIP corporate suites

Athletics track

Basketball Area

Indoor Football Pitch

Outdoor Facilities

Aspire Academy has seven outdoor pitches adjacent to Aspire Dome that are used for training and competition purposes.

The Qatar Football Association also has its National Teams clubhouse located within the Aspire outdoor football grounds precinct. The senior squad regularly utilizes the grounds for training and preparation.

Sports Science

The Sports Science facilities at Aspire Academy offer a wide range of state-of-the art equipment and technologies to monitor and assess the health and status of our athletes. Routine monitoring and diagnostic testing takes place in both field and laboratory contexts. We provide performance analysis, biomechanics testing, physiological and biochemical assessment, and sports psychology support at track side.
In addition we have the following assessment suites:

  • Anthropometry suite, including DEXA and laser scanner
  • Two fully equipped physiology suites for graded exercise testing
  • Biochemistry suite allowing for hematological/hormonal/immunological function
  • Biomechanics facility that includes motion analysis and kinematics suites as well as isometric/kinetic testing
  • Three strength and conditioning suites for strength and power conditioning/assessment
  • Two hypoxic training facilities


A complete range of architecturally-acclaimed educational facility is used to deliver sports-focused instruction and curricula and galvanize the future of our student-athletes.

Aspire Academy’s outstanding faculty present relevant courses and developmental learning in classrooms that are stimulating; science and IT labs that are state-of-the art equipped, administration and teachers’ offices that are welcoming, and meeting and activity rooms that are engaging.

The unparalleled student experience continues at the additional facilities of a student cafeteria, a health clinic and mosque.


The Aspire Academy Dormitory facility consists of 132 fully furnished rooms that include 4 suites and 128 double bed rooms and can provide accommodation for up to 255 students. All rooms are equipped with studying area, bedroom and bathroom.

The dormitories are well equipped as student-athletes accommodation and for visiting international teams featuring meeting rooms, playing and leisure activities, cable TV and games.

Full board catering and laundry services are offered on a daily basis. The rooms are inspected daily to ensure the highest housekeeping standards.

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