Academic Support Program

The Academic Support Program is established within Aspire Academy to collaboratively create successful learning experiences for all Aspire student-athletes to reach their full potential as future educated world-class sports leaders. Student-athletes are selected on their sporting merits, therefore, the Academic Support Department implements learning systems and structures to support students with special needs and students having difficulty with English as an additional language.

The Academic Support Program promotes the Aspire mission by developing responsible learners and supports teachers to encourage personalized learning. This is achieved by benchmarking all students in literacy and numeracy skills tests, summative assessment results and referral forms to track each student.

The Academic Support Program will primarily focus on special needs students, students having difficulty with English as their second language, and gifted and talented students. These students are catered for inside the classroom and sometimes at an individual level.

Working with those students struggling to excel
Together with teachers’ referral forms, the student-athletes’ history and background information, those student-athletes identified as being low academic achievers, under the category ‘Action Plus’, are placed on an ‘Individual Learning Plan’ to assist the teachers with their individual learning.

Working with the Higher Achievers
The same process as above takes place, where higher achievers are identified. When these students have been identified, they too need the opportunity to be catered for with enrichment and challenging learning that enhance and develop their individual academic needs.

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