About ASPIRE’s Youth Athletics Coaching Congress

The quality of coaching during an athlete’s youth years is likely to have a profound impact on their future participation, enjoyment and success in athletics. In today’s international landscape there are numerous coaching conferences aimed at discussing a variety of successful training methods for senior athletes. A common approach for youth coaches is to take this material and provide a scaled version to their younger athletes. However, is this an ideal approach?

This conference brings together a diverse international panel of respected coach educators, each with sucessful pedigrees at the youth and senior level, as well as sport scientists with expertise in youth development. On October 18th and 20th of this year, we are challenging these renowned experts to present their understanding of how to optimize youth development with an eye to the future. Those in attendance can expect to learn, and ask critical questions, about:

  • How, when and why to guide athletes towards specialization in an event
  • Developing technique in youth
  • Evidence-based planning methods for youth
  • What sport science tells us about optimizing youth development

Those in attendance will have the choice to follow along in English or Arabic as all presentations will be translated.

We look forward to hosting you at Aspire Academy!