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Coach Bios
 Aspire Academy: Sports: Football: Coaching  Aspire Sports Academy creates opportunity to young football players to reach the height of international football through careful training and development.

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The Aspire Academy Football program Head Coach is Michael Browne.
Qualified as an FA Advanced Coach (1989), UEFA A License (1995), FA Academy Directors License (2000) and UEFA Pro License (2011), Mr. Browne holds a Bachelor’s of Education in Movement Studies and History. As a player he played 10 years of senior non-league football in England.
Mr Browne also holds distinction as a course leader on several UEFA B License courses, and staffed 3 UEFA A License courses, as well as delivered modules on Academy Director courses at Football Association of England Centre of Excellence Monitor. He served as the Academy Director of Charlton Athletic FC from 1998 to 2004, when he joined Aspire Academy.

Simon Jennings
Senior Football Coach 
UEFA A Licence 
Ali KUbaisi _MGL7639.JPG
Ali Kubaisi
Senior Football Coach
AFC A License
Paul Nevin _MGL7640.JPG
Paul Nevin
Senior Football Coach
UEFA Pro License
Felix Sanchez _MGL7637.JPG
Felix Sanchez
Senior Football Coach
UEFA A license; Football Club Barcelona experience
Abderrazak Hedider
Senior Football Coach
UEFA A; Premier Coaching Diploma NSCAA
David Chatwin _MGL7717.JPG
David Chatwin
Senior Football Coach
UEFA A License, English FA Coach Tutor Charlton Athletic Football Club experience
Ibrahim Al Shafie _MGL9686.jpg
Ibrahim Mahmoud Ahmed Al Shafie
Senior Football Coach
AFC A Licence
Naoufel Chebil _MGL7633.jpg
Naoufel Chebil
Football coach
AFC A Licence
Hichame Zahid _MGL7559.jpg
Hichame Zahid
Football coach
AFC A Licence
Andrew Cooper _MGL7719.jpg
Andrew Cooper
Football coach
UEFA B License
Hamid Brimil 2.jpg
Brimil Hamid
Football coach
UEFA A License; Technical and Tactical Certificate, U16 to Senior, Master, European Degree of physical training, Claude Bernard University, France.
Juan Luis Delgado Bordonau _MGL7642.jpg
Juan Luis Delgado Bordonau
Football coach
UEFA Pro-License; Villarreal CF  (Spain) experience

Fabio Dias  Pereria _MGL7636.jpg
Fabio Dias Pereira
Senior Goalkeeper Coach
FIFA License A
Ali Fouad _MGL7623.jpg
Ali Fouad Ali Saleh
Football Goalkeeper Coach
AFC A Licence
Julius Buscher _MGL7621.jpg 
Julius Büscher
Football Goalkeeper Coach
UEFA A license
Kazim Chabeeb Abdel Sada _MGL7626.jpg 
Kadhim Chabeeb Abdul Sada
Football Goalkeeper Coach
AFC B License
Jose Louis se Moura _MGL7556.jpg
Jose Luiz de Moura
Goalkeeper Coach
Qatar National Goalkeeper Coach u-17 & u-20/ ABTF & APPORT( Brazilian and Italian License – Multilevel)
Ed Graper _MGL7696.jpg 
Ed Graper
Football Skills Development Centers Coordinator
UEFA A license(youth); Academy Manager License (KNVB)
Carlos Monforte _MGL7652.jpg 
Carlos Domenech Monforte
Football Skills Development Center Coach
Football Coach (Level I & II); UEFA B License; Villareal FC, Spain experience
Ricardo Borba _MGL7483.jpg
Ricardo Miguel Pereira Borba
Football Skills Development Center Coach
Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Football, English Football Association
Mohammed Dhib _MGL7630.jpg
Mohamed Dhib
Football Skills Development Center Coach
AFC A License; Football coach third degree;
Lucien Ilie _MGL7667.jpg
Lucian Llie
Football Skills Development Coach
Trainer-Coach  III
Trainer-Coach  II   UEFA B Licence
Mounir Lehbab _MGL7628.jpg
Mounir Lehbab
Football Skills Development Center Coach
A License UEFA B, Master, Degree of physical training, Victor Segalen  Bordeaux 2 University, France.
Diploma Technical and tactical video analyse  LILLE2 University, France.
( france ) experience